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Cardano's secure switch to decentralization

"The Cardano blockchain transitions to fully decentralized block production on March 31. Just afterwards, the running leadership nonce will be enhanced by adding in a 'transition nonce' that reflects entropy from a variety of external, unpredictable sources. Specifically, all transactions posted to the blockchain before Wednesday, April 7 at 15:44:51 UTC (slot 151200 of epoch 258) will play a distinguished role in the future of the blockchain: their accumulated hash value, reflected in the 'previous-block hash' from the first block on chain created on or after this time, will determine the transition nonce and hence directly contribute to the protocol's perpetual cycle of randomness generation."

To be most useful, your source of randomness should be determined after Tuesday, April 6 at 9:44:51 UTC (slot 43200 of epoch 258) and must be included in a blockchain transaction before Wednesday, April 7 at 15:44:51 UTC (slot 151200 of epoch 258).

ALTZ as part of Cardano community is proud to contribute including a transaction metadata with SHA256 hash of this page (html tags, texts, ... are include).
It will keep unaltered thanks to Cardano Blockchain, checked with the hash (SHA256 of curl download file), and supporting genesis of the extra praos entropy.

Extra Praos Entropy

Thanks to Andrew's twitter, his video and all of his awesome contributions.

Andrew's twitter link

Small pool ALTZ and Decentralization

ALTZ has always wished to contribute with the humility of a small pool to decentralization at Cardano's blockchain. As the fix fee seemed to be a hurdle for choosing small pools (more widespread and abundant in number), we decided to reduce the incoming of this fee and we began to give to delegates back the part of the 340 fixed fee that correspond to their stake. This way delegators will get the same ROS as in a big stake pool. We hope that it helps to decentralization and contributes to the health of the Cardano network.

Cardano decentralization is a value.

Cardano decentralization is a necessity.

Cardano decentralization must be a reality.