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Cardano Pizz₳ Challenge

Let it be known that on this day, December 19th, 2020 at noon and for lunch, the ALTZ Pool team headed to one of the oldest taverns of Madrid without euros in the pocket and with the intention of having a couple of the excellent pizzas baked in there, along with at least 2 of the first class draft beers that have made famous the place for years.

We are talking about "LA TABERNA DE MI ABUELO" (My grandfather's Tavern) in the Paseo de la Esperanza.

And yes, ALTZ Pool team could have their beers and pizzas because LA TABERNA DE MI ABUELO is the very first place in Madrid in which you can pay with our loved ADA.

Who was going to tell the grandpa, on 1908, that a hundred years later his grandson was going to accept the payment in ADA!!.

They had 2 pizzas, 5 extra big beers, a diet coke, a red wine, 2 spanish omelets and a portion of special dried beef meat for exactly 60EUR (tip is always included in Spain) for which we exchange an even 455₳ (0,1320EUR/₳ daily low price).

Special thanks to @cardano_pizza

The transaction id is,

Additionally we have stored the metadata describing this event, using two diferent formats, showing how easy is to store structured data with Cardano Blockchain

The transaction id for metadata storing is,

If you are interested in a more detailed explanation of the process or you are looking for a reliable staking pool, don't doubt to contact to us (telegram, twitter, e-mail, this webpage).

Some of the pics,

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