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Tiker: ALTZ

Pool ID: 46ebbc0d27d9169cae12d12dcf8f6cacbcf27937c67ae4350abbcaba


Pool Data

Active Stake
Live Stake
Pledge 1.00M
Blocks Lifetime
Blocks in Epoch
2.00% + 340
Days : : Remains
Delegators Area


Why delegate to ALTZ?

ALTZ team is a group of experienced engineers, economists, developers and researchers.
We bet on this technology, we bet on this way of understanding access to wealth and information.

Vasil HF testnet

Working in new Babbage era

100% effectiveness

Minted blocks are equal to assigned blocks


3 nodes on 2 continent  & 2 datacenters ( US + Germany) + 1 Bare-Metal dedicated server for P2P testnet

Huge experience

Verified and certified ITN staking pool. Compromised with Cardano project since ITN phase.

1M Pledge

Have skin in the game and supporting healthy Ecosystem

Compromised to decentralization

Member of the Single Pool Alliance


We are Entusiastic and focused in doing a great service to the comunity, we aspire to have your trust; our pledging is enforcing our capacity for serving you.We are among stake pools minting blocks at the first epoch (211) when decentralization begun to work. We are really proud of our delegators and, thanks them,  we minted our first Shelley mainnet block and all the rest of following blocks.

  • We are in Cardano since the beginning of 2018

    and started our pool in the end of first month of ITN where we participated actively and supported the community of SPOs.

  • Our pool is run and maintained by IT professional

    with more than 25 years of experience.

  • We are small single pool

    and member of Cardano Single Pool Alliance (CSPA) that try to help decentralization and strengthen the health of Cardano network.

  • ALTZ was one of the pools that

    produced block in the first epoch of Shelley mainnet. IMAGEN

  • Our Pledge ratio is 1.9

    and represent that we really have skin in the game PLEDGE 1M and how much we are compromised with the project.

  • Cardano SPA

    single pool aliance

  • We helped create awareness

    of Cardano and ADA adoption in the early days. Winners of Cardanopizza.

  • 100% performance

    we have never missed assigned blocks.

  • As a small pool we have plenty of room

    for new delegators and there will be no danger of oversaturation.

  • We have been one of the first pools

    (maybe the first one, epoch 253) giving back the 340 Fixed fee to delegators, so they have been getting the same ROA as in a big pool.

  • SPOCRA member

    (Stake Pool Operator Collective Representation Assambly)

  • MDP

    Mission driven pools

Charity Projects


If you need more information about us, we will be very pleasure to answer all your questions. Let us help you.

    If you want to get in contact with us, you can fill out this form or use twitter, telegram or send us a mail to
    We are ready to help you if you need additional information.

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